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Creating a new MIDlet
Packaging for deployment
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Launch Configuration Settings

This dialog provides details on the individual settings on a Wireless Toolkit Emulator Launch Configuration.

  1. MIDlet tab
  2. Emulation tab
  3. Source tab
  4. Common tab

Midlet tab

The MIDlet tab controls the method via which Eclipse launches the debug session.


Executable options:


Midlet Launching

When Midlet launching is specified, the emulator is instructed to execute the midlet from the local file system. Using this method of launching, it is not necessary to package the MIDlet prior to debugging.

When you select this option, you must provide the name of your MIDlet class.


When JAD URL is specified, the emulator loads the specified Java ME Application Descriptor specified in the text field. The specified JAD and the associated JAR file must be valid for launching. There is no build or packaging done when this option is selected.

Over The Air

When Over the Air is specified, the Eclipse emulator's Java Application Manager (JAM) will be instructed to contact EclipseME's built in HTTP server to download the suite. Starting with version 0.5.5, the Over the Air Preferences default to automatically deploying the project prior to launch. If you have disabled this feature, you will need to manually deploy the project prior to using this mode.

Emulation tab

The Emulation tab controls the particular emulated device in which the MIDlet will be launched. The settings available depend on the particular device definitions that have been configured.


Tab items:


Project Device

The Device settings allow you to choose the device definition under which your MIDlet will be emulated. This is useful, for example, if you have written the MIDlet using one device, and then want to test it for compatibility under another.

By default, the MIDlet will be run under the device defined in the project properties. To change to a different platform, select the second radio button and choose the device from the selection controls.

Specific Device

This setting allows you to choose the specific device within the configuration under which your MIDlet will be emulated.

Security Domain

This pull-down list allows you to launch the emulator with a particular security domain selected. This can be useful to debug a signed MIDlet. For more information, see About MIDlet Suite Signing.

Extra Emulation Parameters

You have the option of adding extra parameters that will be passed directly to the emulator. This is useful if, for example, you want to enable tracing in the target JVM/KVM.

Source tab

The Source tab is a standard Eclipse option that allows you to control where Eclipse will look for your source files.


Common tab

The Comon tab is a standard Eclipse option that allows you to choose whether your Launch Configuration is Local or Shared, and whether it will appear in the Run or Debug menus.


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