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Migration to version 1.5.0

This page provides migration information for use when migrating to version 1.5.0 from an earlier version. Although EclipseME provides significant help during this migration, the migration does require human intervention. Please read the directions on this page carefully to fully understand the steps required during this migration.

Migrate to Version 1.2.3

Migration to version 1.5.0 will not function correctly until you have upgraded to at least version 1.2.3 of EclipseME. Please start your migration by upgrading EclipseME to release 1.2.3. To do this migration:

  1. Open all EclipseME J2ME projects that you would like to have migrated.
  2. Exit Eclipse.
  3. Update EclipseME to version 1.2.3.

    When presented with the available versions of EclipseME to be installed, make sure to remove the selection for Show the latest version of a feature only. For more information on doing this upgrade, see the update instructions.

  4. Start Eclipse.
  5. Allow Eclipse to completely start.
  6. Exit Eclipse.

Migrating to Version 1.5.0

The migration to version 1.5.0 from 1.2.3 requires manual intervention. The first time Eclipse is started for a workspace that has not yet been migrated to version 1.5.0, you will be be presented with a migration wizard that will help step you through the migration process. This wizard will only be presented the first time that Eclipse is started for each workspace that has not been previously migrated.

Selecting File System Directories to Search

The first step in the migration process is to select the file system directories that will be searched for device definitions. EclipseME presents this list based on the file system directories that were specified in previous versions of EclipseME.

Select the checkbox to the left of each directory that you would like EclipseME to search for device definitions.

Select Devices to be Imported

Once the file system directories have been specified, EclipseME will search for device definitions in those directories. The devices that were found during the search will be presented on the "Import Devices" page.

Select the checkbox to the left of each device that you would like EclipseME to import and make available for use by MIDlet Suite projects and launching.

Select Devices for each J2ME MIDlet Suite Project

The final step in the migration process is to select the device definitions to be associated with each J2ME MIDlet Suite. EclipseME will present all of the MIDlet Suite's that are currently open in the current workspace along with a selector for the device.

Use the drop-down selector for each project that you would like to select a different device definition.

Finishing the Migration

Pressing the Finish button will complete the migration process. All of the selected device definitions will be imported into the system and the projects will be associated with the selected device definitions. It should be noted that if the migration is cancelled at any time, there will be no changes made to your configuration.

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