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Version 1.7.9 Released

Craig Setera — March 30, 2008 @ 3:42 pm — New Releases

Version 1.7.9 of EclipseME has been released. This version provides a single bug fix for a build issue causing users trouble in recent EclipseME versions. This version still supports Eclipse 3.2. Future versions will likely require newer versions of Eclipse in order to function.

The Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java project is in the process of restarting. Motorola has taken leadership and the current plan for the project is to restart using EclipseME as the initial code, building on what is currently available in EclipseME. Assuming that the project is successfully restarted with the EclipseME code, the EclipseME project will eventually fade away. We will work hard to make the transition from EclipseME to MTJ as painless as possible. Watch this space for further information over the next couple of months.

In order to use the preprocessing support, it is absolutely necessary that the new installation instructions be followed in order to enable the preprocessing support.

EclipseME requires at least version 3.2 of the Eclipse platform.

Refer to the installation instructions at http://eclipseme.org/docs/installation.html. EclipseME may be installed and updated via the EclipseME Update site as well as via an Eclipse site archive file downloadable from Sourceforge. Point Eclipse at http://eclipseme.org/updates/ to install via the update site. If you encounter issues with EclipseME, please visit http://eclipseme.org/docs/support.html for more information on support options.

This new version includes the following changes:


  • None

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for file locks deletion errors during build (Bug 1925613)

23 Responses to “Version 1.7.9 Released”

  1. citan Says:

    I checked that new version and it looks that everything is fine with following package builds. Thanks a lot for this correction! And I’m glad EclipseME will be a base for MTJ.

  2. Marcel Says:

    Thank you for all your work done so far.
    Hopefully Motorola has gained a bit vision to not
    make a Windows only transition of your code but
    including Linux and such as a primary platform.

  3. dom Says:

    Thanks for all and especially for fixing #1925613 :)
    Best regards dom

  4. Thomas Says:


  5. dave Says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work.

  6. alex Says:


  7. weishg Says:

    develop some test application for myself cellphone

  8. jjtb somhorst Says:

    Yes, Finaly this irritating bug is fixed. Thats what kept me from realy developing j2me using eclipse me. Thanks for the update and well lets hope for the best for the future

  9. wage Says:


  10. JI Says:



    I have downloaded eclipse-SDK-3.3.2-Win32.zip, and want to download eclipseme1.7.9. But there are 2 sites viz. eclipseme.feature_1.7.9_site.zip and eclipseme.feature_1.7.9.src.zip; now my question is which site is suitable for me?.zip or source.zip? and one more 3791629 and 3088098 bytes means how many megabytes?

    Best regards,

  12. Craig Setera Says:

    The src.zip contains the source code for use in developing EclipseME.

  13. chengyoufan Says:


  14. Ryan Says:


  15. Ryan Says:


  16. linhq Says:


  17. Sharad Unni Says:

    yep the bug is fixed, thanks and keep doing the good work.

  18. zixuan Says:

    Very good, Thanks.

  19. yinxu Says:


  20. jack Says:


  21. dayu Says:


  22. Troy Says:

    Very good, thanks!

  23. zixuan Says:

    Press ctrl+F11, can not run just run off j2me project. (eclipse-SDK-3.3.2-Win32.zip, eclipseme1.7.9)

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