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Version 1.7.8 Released

Craig Setera — March 16, 2008 @ 1:25 pm — New Releases

Version 1.7.8 of EclipseME has been released. This version is primarily a bug fix release. This will be the last EclipseME release supporting version 3.2 of Eclipse. Upcoming releases will require at least Eclipse 3.3.

The Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java project is in the process of restarting. Motorola has taken leadership and the current plan for the project is to restart using EclipseME as the initial code, building on what is currently available in EclipseME. Assuming that the project is successfully restarted with the EclipseME code, the EclipseME project will eventually fade away. Watch this space for further information over the next couple of months.

In order to use the preprocessing support, it is absolutely necessary that the new installation instructions be followed in order to enable the preprocessing support.

EclipseME requires at least version 3.2 of the Eclipse platform.

Refer to the installation instructions at http://eclipseme.org/docs/installation.html. EclipseME may be installed and updated via the EclipseME Update site as well as via an Eclipse site archive file downloadable from Sourceforge. Point Eclipse at http://eclipseme.org/updates/ to install via the update site. If you encounter issues with EclipseME, please visit http://eclipseme.org/docs/support.html for more information on support options.

This new version includes the following changes:


  • Add new empty API jar files for use in preverification and classpaths
  • Add new API extension point pointing to skeleton API jar files

Bug Fixes

  • Potential fix for deletion errors during build (Bug 1864870)
  • Fix for project selection on Midlet launch configuration dialog (Bug 1849395)
  • Handle resources without file extensions in builder resource deltas (Bug 1863415)
  • Switch microemulator to using new empty API jar files rather than Java SE API (Bug 1754829)

21 Responses to “Version 1.7.8 Released”

  1. truque Says:

    I try programming for Eclipse

  2. gulong Says:


  3. Thomas Says:

    I get this problem still (on vista, Eclipse 3.3).

    Problems encountered while deleting resources.
    Could not delete ‘C:\eclipse\workspace\project\.eclipseme.tmp\emulation\midlet.jar’.
    Problems encountered while deleting files.
    Could not delete: C:\eclipse\workspace\project\.eclipseme.tmp\emulation\midlet.jar

  4. hoctor Says:

    I’m developing a mobile software with java.

  5. Ciriaco Garcia Says:

    I also get deletion errors during compilation in Windows XP. The fix is (1) exit eclipse, (2) delete the jar file by hand and (3) restart eclipse and build again the jar.

    If I don’t exit eclipse, the file returns a delete error (it seems to be open by the application). I don’t get this error in Linux, but I use there a 1.7.6 or 1.7.7 eclipseme… also, Linux allows to delete opened files, thus this bug wouldn’t manifest.

  6. zixuan Says:

    I prefer 1.7.7

  7. Craig Setera Says:

    Can you explain why you prefer 1.7.7?

  8. finalizer Says:

    I also prefer 1.7.7. In 1.7.7 I can create a package at least after a second try. In 1.7.8 I should always restart Eclipse to create a package. I use Eclipse 3.3.2, proguard 4.1, Sony Ericsson SDK 2.2.4 and JDK 1.6.0_05. OS is Windows XP SP2.

  9. Pierre Says:

    Same problem on Vista with latest Eclipse and Eclipse ME. It is just not acceptable to stop and restart Eclipse every time you want to package the midlet. BTW, to avoid that, use Unlocker at http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/, this will allow you to see who locks the jar (it is eclipse!!!) and unlock it without exiting eclipse. This is such a stupid problem (maybe related to eclipse becoming so massive and unstable) that I’m now seriously contemplating netbeans.

  10. Xuefei.Wu Says:

    Hi, I have the same problem with Thomas.

  11. Craig Setera Says:

    Everyone that is having the problem with delete… There are two potential solutions to this problem.

    1) Create a Sourceforge bug tracking entry and fill it with *exact* details of how you recreate this problem. I have not had any luck recreating it consistently, thus it is very difficult to fix.

    2) Create a Sourceforge bug tracking entry and attach a patch to fix the issue.

    This is a hobby project done in my very small amount of spare time. I do what I can to solve issues, but declaring you are going to leave Eclipse and move to Netbeans is not constructive or helpful in this situation.

  12. chris Says:

    I prefer 1.6.6,because it can debug.

  13. BOB Says:


  14. Sharad Unni Says:

    Hi Craig,
    Any update are you able get the issue and fixed it already.
    Every packaging i have close and open eclipse again.

  15. Craig Setera Says:

    As I’ve said previously. In order for me to consider addressing this issue, I need someone to write a Sourceforge bug with concise steps to recreate the issue consistently. While I understand people are having trouble and seem to have no trouble recreating the issue, I have not been able to recreate the issue consistently, so I have not been able to fix it.

  16. Ernir Erlingsson Says:

    Hello Craig, I see that you read these comments so I post this here:

    I have encountered a serious bug which you should have no problem recreating. When preprocessing is enabled in any j2me project, the j2me program loses the ability to display unicode characters such as å ð æ þ. As an Icelander this makes it impossible for me to use preprocessing at all in my projects. I have this version, 1.7.8.

  17. Craig Setera Says:

    Reporting bugs in these comments is not the appropriate support mechanism. If you need help, please subscribe to the user’s mailing list. If you have a reproduceable bug, create a Sourceforge bug with the details to recreate the problem.

  18. Ernir Erlingsson Says:

    Sorry Craig, the bug has now been posted on the EclipseME Sourceforge page.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. yujie Says:


  20. laoyu Says:


  21. hejun Says:

    I love eclipseme.I need it.

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