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Version 1.7.7 Released

Craig Setera — November 27, 2007 @ 8:29 pm — New Releases

Version 1.7.7 of EclipseME has been released. This version provides a small set of bug fixes against version 1.7.6. In addition, this release now copies the launchable resources (JAD and JAR) files to temporary storage before launching, allowing builds and other launches to complete successfully. This will be the last EclipseME release supporting version 3.2 of Eclipse. Upcoming releases will require at least Eclipse 3.3.

In order to use the preprocessing support, it is absolutely necessary that the new installation instructions be followed in order to enable the preprocessing support.

EclipseME requires at least version 3.2 of the Eclipse platform.

Refer to the installation instructions at http://eclipseme.org/docs/installation.html. EclipseME may be installed and updated via the EclipseME Update site as well as via an Eclipse site archive file downloadable from Sourceforge. Point Eclipse at http://eclipseme.org/updates/ to install via the update site. If you encounter issues with EclipseME, please visit http://eclipseme.org/docs/support.html for more information on support options.

This new version includes the following changes:


  • Copy files for launch to temp directory to avoid locks and allow multiple emulator instances (RFE 1170991 & 1776408)
  • Upgrade the Antenna preprocessor from Omry Yadan
    Refer to http://antenna.sourceforge.net/wtkpreprocess.php for preprocessor documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Apply findbugs patch thanks to Luke (luctrudeau on Sourceforge) (Bug 1771116)
  • Improve the handling of UEI debugger in server mode - Patch thanks to Antti (ak_n on Sourceforge) (Bug 1778417)
  • Guard against unresolved classpath container entries (Bug 1809479)

42 Responses to “Version 1.7.7 Released”

  1. wister Says:


  2. SEVENCLICK · Because we all blog&more » Blog Archive » EclypseME v1.7.7 released Says:

    [...] Link EclypseME   [...]

  3. finalizer Says:

    The old bug during “J2ME | Create Package” (even without obfuscation) still exists:


    Each time I want to use EclipseME for the package creation I need to delete that jar file manually on the Navigation panel. But even that is not always possibly.

    P.S. I’m using following tools:
    Eclipse SDK
    SonyEricsson SDK 2.4.4
    proguard 4.0.1

  4. finalizer Says:

    One correction: I use SonyEricsson SDK 2.2.4

  5. nuoya Says:

    very good

  6. Sam Halliday Says:

    Thanks Craig!

    Any word on the preverification options we talked about? i.e. making it a per-device setting in MicroEmu and MPowerPlayer? (I’m still not able to edit the preverifier for either of these devices in order to point it at my working PhoneME preverifier.

    Also… MicroEmu is still depending on all the J2SE classes. They now have stub libraries for all the mobile JSRs that can be used at compile time.

  7. Craig Setera Says:

    It is still a work in progress, as has been discussed on the mailing list.

    For everyone else… please don’t post support requests here. They will not be answered. The mailing list is where those requests should be directed.

  8. kyd Says:


  9. zeng Says:

    let me try

  10. zeng Says:

    This is good!

  11. I praise Jesus Says:

    I will try this plug,and I also want to study J2ME!

  12. ximiler Says:


  13. zjl Says:

    very good

  14. Liveshow Says:

    Thanks,that’s what I need~~

  15. joseph Says:

    I am a learner of J2ME. so this is what I want

  16. djksa Says:


  17. falkmar Says:

    Very nice tool. Thank you.

    But what do you think about Android ?
    Does it kill J2ME ?
    I think, It will be exciting.

  18. John Says:

    Very goog!

  19. why Says:


  20. nuxgod Says:

    It’s very good!Thank you!

  21. Vinh Says:

    I’m trying to programming mobile application

  22. yihony Says:


  23. taizi Says:

    oh~! my god~!

  24. Hank Says:

    I could not find even one little hello world sample (for eclipseme) anywhere :-(

  25. Luiz Carlos Silveira Says:

    I’d like to report what I believe to be a bug on EclipseME. Starting in version 1.7.6 and persisting in this new release, EclipseME appearently rewrites the .eclipseme configuration file putting a different timestamp everytime on it. I call this a bug because when used with a version control system (like CVS) it makes this file always be marked as having a conflict, since two folks on the same team will likely always have two different contents on this file for the same working version. Coupled with an Eclipse 3.3.x bug that prevents the IDE from correctly dealing with conflicting CVS changes, this set of chain features/bugs makes it a very, very tricky task to develop using EclipseME in Eclipse 3.3.x — I don’t know the reason why the timestamps are necessary, but I suggest this feature to be removed. Thanks and congratulations for the very nice plugin.

  26. Craig Setera Says:

    Please do not report bugs or request support from these comments.

  27. keton Says:


  28. Arc Says:

    this version dose not work well with Eclipse

  29. java_c Says:

    good good

  30. Josh Says:

    Was trying to run it using Eclipse 3.3.1 but keep getting a ‘prefix too short’ error when trying to build/run the application. Works fine with EclipseMe 1.6.8.

    Any ideas?

  31. p0562153 Says:

    Eclipse3.3 eclipseME WTK2.5 配置J2ME开发环境…

    Eclipse eclipseME WTK2.5 配置J2ME开发环境


  32. InfoVal Says:

    it’s necessary for my J2ME

  33. wylove Says:



  34. vincefly Says:

    Learning J2ME, maybe it will be useful!

  35. Raymond Says:

    Finally got this, didn’t know it requires EclipseMe before setting up WTK

  36. EeqMCC Says:

    i use version 1.7.7 with EclipseV3.3.1.1 and SunWTK2.5.2.CDLC. Here the ?bugs? i found out:
    -after alternation of the device profile to MIDP2.0 the JAD-file will not be filled out properly: tags “MIDlet-1″, “MIDlet-jar-URL” are missed or not filled
    -i.g. the JAD-tag-management is not very smart

    besides the problems the suite is very nice…
    keep on :-)

  37. Craig Setera Says:

    Please file bug reports or use the user’s mailing list for issues.

  38. soussou Says:

    hi, I try to learn programming with eclipseME but I can’t find samples any where.
    Please can you help me.

  39. Craig Setera Says:

    Please search around Google to find Java ME introductions… There are many available.

  40. fdsf Says:

    very good!!!

  41. copperfeet Says:

    Good work. NB: Can’t launch midlet debugging. I am using Turbo JBuilder 2007 (Eclipse 3.0 based) and WTK 2.2. My midlet hasn’t stopped under breakpoints. Others work fine.

  42. copperfeet Says:

    Sorry. I have read the FAQ…

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